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Placencia, Belize
A Picture Tour

A pictoral tribute to the wonderful people of Placencia, Belize.

Singing Sands Inn
Placencia, Belize

Secluded beachfront resort on Maya Beach near Placencia Lagoon in Belize. Custom tours can be arranged for snorkeling, diving and hiking.

Blue Crab Beach Resort

Located in Seine Bight Village on the Placencia peninsula in southern Belize near the middle of Belize's best and longest beach. This is a very small, private resort, set on five acres spanning across from the Caribbean Sea to the lagoon. A family adventure hotel that offers exotic jungle , Mayan ruin,and Jaguar Reserve tours.

Riverbend Resort

Situated along the scenic Belize River, Riverbend Resort should be your first stay in scenic Belize. Just a short drive from the international airport, Riverbend provides a serene outpost for any traveler.

Featuring hotels, news, weather, restaurants, guidebooks, travel tales and more!

Sunrise Realty
Ambergris Caye, Belize

Spotlighting Real estate brokers on Ambergris Caye, Belize with beach lots, condos, homes, development possibilities and income properties.

Belize Explorer - Eco Adventure Travel - Cayo District Belize

This site is Belize's number 1 site for ecotourism and adventure travel.  Has lodging, tour guide, restaurant, general information, and much, much more...

Maya Mountain Lodge and Tours

A friendly, family run jungle lodge located near San Ignacio in Belize's Cayo District, Belize's most visited eco travel vacation destination.  

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Online Belize Resources

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  • Districts

    • Belize by Naturalight - Extensive source of travel, business, and country information about Belize.

      Belize.Net - Search engine and portal site for travel, business, government, education, news, and arts and culture information about Belize.

      Belize Online - Tourist and investment guide. Also provides maps and photographs of Belize.

      Belize Tourist Board - Travel Belize is a complete site for information about the small Caribbean Central American nation of Belize

      Belizean CyberWeb - Information about the country, resorts, and Mayan ruins. Also includes a bulletin board and chat.

      The Belize World Web Page - Providing a collection of links to Belizean internet resources.

      Latin America Network Information Center - Collected internet resources for Belize from the University of Texas.

      The Washington Times - A special international report on Belize.

      The World Factbook 1999 - General country information and statistics on Belize from the CIA.

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    Ecology & Nature

    Belize Audubon Society
    Conservation of Tropical Biodiversity
    EcoTeach - Education and Conservation
    Environment and Latin America Network
    Latin American Plant Gallery
    Map - You Better Belize It
    Tropical Biodiversity - Birding School
    World Conservation Monitoring Centre

    Belize Journals & Photos

    Belize Photo Gallery - by Harry S. Parise
    Neil Fraser Historic Belizean Galleria
    Travel Notes on Belize - by Harry S. Pariser

    Belize Hotels & Inns

    Hotel Listing - You Better Belize It
    Hotels in Belize - Belize First
    Hotels in Belize - Hotels Travel
    Lodging on Ambergris Caye
    Little Water Caye Resort - Belize
    Places to Stay - Belize
    Restaurants on Ambergris Caye

    Belize General Travel & Attractions

    Airlines - Caribbean and Central America:
    Ambergris Caye - Belize First
    Belize Online Tourist Guide
    Belize Tourist Board
    Belize Zoo
    Birding Gallery - Ambergris Caye
    Budget Rent-a-Car of Belize
    Dive Belize - Gaz Cooper
    General Information About Belize
    Lonely Planet - Belize
    Map - Belize Report
    Maps - Explorer Tours
    Map of Belize
    Mitch Spares Belize - Belize First
    Rambles in Belize - Belize First
    Sites & Excursions - Belize Report
    Tropical Wings Nature Center
    US State Dept - Consular Information Sheet

    Belize Travel Agencies

    Atevo Travel
    Belize Store
    Freegate Tourism
    Green Tortoise Adventure Travel
    Green Travel Network
    The Trek Stop

    Culture & Education
    History & Media

    Amandala Weekly News
    Arts & Music - You Better Belize It
    Artwork of Philip Rosado
    Belize Arts Council
    Belize First Magazine
    Belize - LANIC
    Belize - Georgetown Univ
    Constitution of Belize - 1981
    Early Belize History - Silvia Pinzon & Ray Auxillou
    History - Belize - Virtual Mall
    History of Belize - Belize by Naturalight
    News - Channel 5
    People of Belize - Belize Home Page
    Radio - Love FM Belize
    Rural Belize by Richard Mahler
    University College of Belize

    Top Belize
    Web Sites

    Ambergris Caye
    Belize Billboard
    Belize by Naturalight
    Belize Country Study - Library of Congress
    Belize Information - Global Travel Club
    Belize Online's Belize Newsgroup
    Belize - T.Guy Parker
    Belize Virtual Mall

    Books on Belize - Belize Online
    Magnum Belize
    Ministries of Government - Ambergris Caye
    United States Embassy in Belize
    Usenet - soc.culture.belize
    You Better Belize It!

    Belize Business & Real Estate

    Belize Auto Trader
    Belize Chamber of Commerce
    Belize Real Estate
    Deloitte & Touche Belize
    KPMG Belize

    Central America Arts
    Culture & Education

    Adoption Books - South American Explorers Club
    Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies
    Central America Information - U of Texas
    Central America Maps - Univ. of Texas
    History of Central America - World History
    Latin American Network Information Center
    Latin American & Caribbean Studies Program
    Project Central America
    Travel Books - South American Explorers Club
    U of Georgia - Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies

    Central America Travel

    1000 Travel Tips
    Bulletin Board - Lonely Planet
    Centers for Disease Control
    Central American Environmental Travel Providers
    Country Facts - Explorer Tours
    Country Telephone Codes - Explorer Tours
    Eco Travels in Central America
    Environment and Travel Books - by Ron Mader
    Explorer Tours
    Herald Link - Central America News
    Hotels - Central America - Hotel Book
    Hurricane Mitch News - Planta
    Marco Polo - Central America
    Out Back of Beyond
    Political Resources on the Net
    RedHUCyT Internet Status
    Roam Magazine
    South America Explorers Club
    Temperature Charts - Explorer Tours
    Travel Book Store
    Virtual Classroom - Central America

    Top Central America
    Web Sites

    Bulletin Board - South American Explorers
    Central America & Guianas - U of North Texas
    Central America Business Directory
    Central American Project - RedCACyT
    Central America Volunteer Guide
    Herald Link - Central America News
    Interactive Forest Maps - WRI
    Political Resources on the Net
    Real Estate - Central America
    RedHUCyT Internet Status




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